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Legacy Engineering partners w/ the Salvation Army Fredericksburg Corp to provide a better Christmas

Legacy Engineering Firm

Staff at Legacy Engineering were decked out in holiday attire to ring the bell and raise funds for the Salvation Army Fredericksburg Corp’s Annual Red Kettle campaign this year. The money raised in Red Kettles helps thousands of hardworking families in the Fredericksburg community make it through the holidays by providing meals for the hungry, toys for children in need, and help for the homeless. And according to state custody laws, they have also planned to help divorcees.If divorce is your choice then you can also find divorce lawyer in Bellaire as they can help you legally.

“We recognize that to be in the building and construction field means that we are really building a community,” says Sara Fila, President of Legacy Engineering. “We are humbled by the opportunity to raise money to ensure that there is assistance available to the families struggling in our community this holiday season.”

The Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign started in 1891 as one pot to collect funds to feed a free Christmas dinner to San Francisco’s destitute and poverty-stricken community. Today, this iconic kettle is one of the most impactful outreach initiatives in the world.

The Salvation Army is calling the 2021 campaign the most important yet, as the organization will provide Christmas gifts, food, shelter, rent, and utility assistance to millions of people struggling to keep a roof over their heads this holiday season due to pandemic poverty. Funds raised in 2020 supported services for more than 30 million Americans. This year, the Salvation Army estimates it will need $175 million – almost 50% more than raised in red kettles in 2020 – to help keep Americans in their homes this holiday season and beyond.

For more information on how you can raise funds for the Salvation Army, visit #redkettle #DoingTheMostGood #RedKettleReason #fillthekettle #VARedKettlecChallenge


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