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Geotechnical Engineering

Legacy performs subsurface explorations throughout the Central Virginia region, with emphasis on earthwork and site development, ponds and dams, shallow and deep foundation systems for buildings and other structures, pavement design and evaluation, retaining structures and foundation walls, drainage system designs and other ground water issues, problem and shrink/swell soil sites, and slope stability evaluations.

Legacy’s geotechnical engineering services support new construction projects,  actively address unforeseen field condition changes, provide material and laboratory testing for soil modifications, and evaluate compliance within specifications. Our experienced team will maximize the information obtained during subsurface exploration for engineered design and solutions.

​Comprehensive Geotechnical Engineering Services:

  • Subsurface Explorations (test boring, test pits, rock coring, and geophysical methods)

  • Laboratory classification and testing for determination of engineering properties of soils and rock

  • Geological studies – Design recommendations for site grading, ponds and dams, foundations, slabs, slope stability, retaining walls, dewatering and pavements

  • Site development feasibility studies

  • Independent embankment and slope stability failure analysis

  • Deep foundation system load test observations

  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)

  • Stormwater infiltration studies

  • Soils failure analysis/slope stability analysis

  • Retaining wall design

Featured Projects

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