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Ensuring the Success of each Project through Quality Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

Construction Materials Testing (CMT) is necessary to ensure the safety, integrity, and success of each construction project. CMT is the process of testing building materials, like soil and concrete, to verify that they meet applicable ASTM standards and that the Code of Virginia and contract requirements are met.

Legacy Engineering has been providing comprehensive CMT services in a variety of industries for over thirty years. Legacy’s technicians test, inspect, and document the construction materials and assemblies according to the applicable codes, regulations, and standards as defined by the Code of Virginia and contract requirements.


One important CMT service that Legacy provides is testing the compressive strength of concrete. Concrete is a commonly used material in nearly every construction project because of its durability and strength. Legacy’s lab technicians test concrete in our American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)-accredited laboratory using stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures.

To test the compressive strength of concrete, our professional lab technicians collect concrete samples by casting concrete used on-site into a cylinder mold. Those concrete molds are then taken directly to our AASHTA-accredited laboratory where they are placed in a tank full of limewater called a curing tank. Depending on the construction specifications, the concrete cylinders are left to cure for 7, 28, or 56-day curing intervals. After the concrete has cured to the interval requirement, it is placed into a compression machine where force is applied to each end of the concrete cylinder until it breaks. The type of break is then documented by our lab technicians to determine the compressive strength of the concrete. Compressive strength is measured by dividing the force at breakage by the cross-sectional area of the cylinder to provide a strength in pounds per square inch. After our Lab Technicians are finished testing the compressive strength of the concrete, the broken cylinders are sent over to our partners at Chaney Enterprises where they are recycled and reused.


Whether you are building a large, complex high-rise building or completing a simple sidewalk project, let us help you leave a legacy of good, safe design. Legacy’s certified construction inspectors and testing personnel perform both field tests and laboratory as required and will provide quick responses in concert with our client’s construction schedules. Legacy is a full-service, multidisciplinary civil engineering firm with expertise in construction inspection and materials testing, environmental services, geotechnical engineering, land development engineering, land surveying, and planning. Give us a call at (540) 373-8350 or visit our website at


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